Google ads

With my strong analytical and creative skills, I help businesses set up Google advertising campaigns using Google AdWords. I use the fundamentals of marketing to create campaigns that drive customers to your website store.

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Facebook ads

With my ability to understand human behavior and the ability to spot patterns, I design unique Facebook ad campaigns that cut straight through the clutter. I help you exploit the hidden Facebook economy and tap into new audience segments.

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Instagram ads

Not just any ad, I help you design STRONG Instagram ads that won’t get lost in the shiny fluff of this visually appealing social media site. I design ads after looking into your audience’s preference and pattern.

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Money back Guarantee

If you don't see any results in 7 Days, you will get a full refund.



Satisfied Customers


Successful Campaigns


Glorious Years

Aseem Govil

Your PPC Expert in Delhi Offering Result-Oriented PPC Services

As a freelance PPC expert in Delhi, I provide 360-degree solutions for all your internet marketing needs.

Whether you need a PPC consultant or want to hire someone to offer complete PPC services for your brand, I am up to create personalized plans for you.

For a successful Pay Per Click ad campaign, you need a PPC expert- who has the technical expertise over online platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram- as well as intuitive understanding of online consumer behavior.

My acute awareness keeps me updated with the latest trends, algorithm changes, and marketing news.

I am hardwired for data analytics and combine it with my campaign to give you real results.

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Why choose us

Get a PPC Expert to see your business grow beyond limits


Personalized approach

No one-size-fits-all PPC campaigns. I create unique campaigns meeting your brand’s needs and target audience’s preference.


7-Days Availability

Opportunity never waits. I am available all 7 days via email, calls, skype, and meeting. Let’s do away with procrastination!


Result-oriented approach

The results matter to me. I don’t go by the book, instead, I’ll create out of the box PPC campaigns for you that would bring results.


AdWords optimized landing pages

Landing pages can either kill your online business or shoot it up manifolds. I create AdWords optimized landing pages- complete with content, graphics, and sales funnels- to convert visitors into leads/sales.


100% transparency

No hidden pricing or ugly surprises. The entire process will be right there in front of you. It is your business and you deserve to know what’s happening.


Years of rich experience

My years of rich and varied experience in researching, creating, implementing, auditing, optimizing, and analyzing PPC campaigns come in handy when I work for you. I have worked with corporates, SMEs, and startups.

I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves

Everybody says they are the best in the field. But how do you prove it?

Take a look at my record so far and be a judge yourself!



I used my intuitive PPC services and skills to generate more than 10K leads for my clients. These leads include new sign-ups, conversions, and new customers.



I used my data analytical skills to bring maximum ROAS - return on ads spent under the client specified budget. Generated more than INR 1 Million for my clients.



I have worked with 100+ clients from various walks of life across industries. These include startups, SMEs, corporate houses, and high-ticket individual clients with unique requirements.


renewal rate

My PPC services have been highly appreciated by my clients. This is the reason why I have a 999% renewal rate.

Here how we work

My PPC process is simple and you will love it

It can easily get scary when you work with a PPC expert but have little idea about the technicalities involved. I understand this and that’s why I have created a very simple 6-steps process that every client can follow to keep updated.


Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

  • Keywords are the soul of PPC campaigns. And this is why I perform extensive research to identify the best performance keywords using advanced tools.
  • I also keep a tab of your competitor websites and perform a detailed analysis of them to identify and make sure you emerge as an ace.

Landing Page Audit

  • Nobody needs fluff! I make sure to weed it all out during my detailed analysis of your Landing Page. I put forward my recommendations on the design, content strategy, on-page SEO, and other marketing elements for your landing page.
  • In case you want everything anew- designed and developed from scratch- I will happily oblige at a feasible extra cost.

Account Setup & Structuring

  • Now, we begin the actual process of creating awesome ads. It will involve the addition of ad extensions and negative keywords, and targeting based on keywords, placements, topics, etc.

Conversion Tracking Setup

  • Keeping a track of the numbers is extremely important. I will install various tracking codes on your website to track daily conversions. This step also involves Google Analytics Integration.

Daily Performance Analysis & Optimization

  • As I keep a track of your daily performance and analyze it, I will keep implementing various strategies like Bid Management, A/B Testing, Excluding Irrelevant traffic, keyword optimization, and Landing page optimization to ensure top-notch results.


  • You will get extensive monthly/bi-monthly reports with complete Analytics.

Some ads created by me

Want a sneak-peek into my world?

Catch a glimpse of ads created by me.

Here are some of my high-performing ads that knocked in high conversions for my clients. As a PPC expert in Delhi, I made sure that my PPC services include a detail-oriented plan for all my clients. Each client is different and so are their requirements. It is a PPC consultant’s job to make sure the ad campaigns are in-line with the target audience.

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Campaign Setup + Daily Management (For the 1st Month)


₹3500 onwards for the consecutive months.(Inclusive of all taxes)

How Much Will It Cost?

Get a Tailor-made Package based on your needs.


  1. The mentioned costs do not include the credit for your Ad account. It will be charged separately by Google/Facebook.
  2. This is the basic price. Price may vary depending upon the size of the project, no. of campaigns, amount of effort required. You can arrange a free consultation to know the exact price for your project.
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PPC Services: Putting You on the Right Screen

Gone are the days of old-school lead generation like cold emailing. Pay Per Click is the shortcut that can put you ahead of your competitor.

Get ahead from the rest without draining all your energy and money.

The top spot of search results might look impossible to attain but with the right consultant extending maverick PPC services, it is 100% possible. When you associate with me, you get to enjoy the support of an out-of-the-box PPC expert in Delhi, who drives you faster towards your goals.

PPC Campaigns that Convert

Multiply your results with Pay Per Click Advertising and Marketing Service

Want to experience the euphoria of awesome return on investment of PPC services? My affordable, personalized, and effective PPC consultant services will make sure you get to see real earnings. I ensure PPC is the foundation stone of your search engine marketing campaign.

You just need to sit back and relax while the traffic soars, numbers rise, and money trickles in!

As one of the leading PPC experts in Delhi, my bespoke services are your best chance at creating roaring online success.

What Clients speak

Everyone honks their own horn! But clients reposing their trust is the single most motivating factor that keeps me going. I take pride in my personalized PPC services that have fetched me constant positive feedback from various clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a form of internet marketing, wherein you pay for advertising only when someone clicks on your link. Search engine advertising is the most widely used form of PPC.

SEO and PPC both have their benefits. SEO gets you organic traffic for free while in PPC you will have to pay for each click. But getting results from SEO is a long arduous process and it takes time, while PPC gets you to the top quickly.

The best strategy is to first start with a minimal budget. Keep gauging the results and when you start seeing positive numbers, scale-up. Usually, people take about 2 weeks to increase their PPC budget.

I have worked on both the ends, from minimum being 300/day and the highest 10,000 per day.

It depends upon the product and services that you are offering. Your targeted audience also matters.

A PPC expert knows all the ins and outs of running a successful PPC campaign. They know what works, what doesn’t, and how to design ads that will get clicks.