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About Aseem Govil

Google Adwords Expert offering ROI based Google Ads Services

Call me Google AdWords consultant or an AdWords specialist, my only aim is to fetch you results with my strategic ad targeting and Adwords services.

I will help you reach the top spot on Google search engine and steal the clicks from your competitors. If you are looking for a genuine shortcut to get to the top spot, Google ads optimized with the right Google Adwords are the right choice.

You need an Adwords freelancer because they know how to deliver an impressive innovative ad campaign that would show up on the right screens.

Timing matters and more so the fact that the ads have to be subtle or else you might annoy your leads by making them feel stalked. I combine my analytical skills with marketing sense to deliver you successful ad campaigns.

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Why choose us

Why will my Google Adwords services get you to the top?


Personalized approach

Success in Google advertising means you have to be unique. For this, I’ll create unique Google ad campaigns that are tailored to your audience preference, demographic, and business needs.


7-Days Availability

You cannot have a rest day in advertising. All days are workdays and you can catch me all through the week (even on weekends) via email, calls, skype, and meeting. Let’s do away with procrastination!


Result-oriented approach

In the end, only your result matters in marketing. There is no consolation prize for trying hard. This is why I follow a result-driven approach only.


AdWords optimized landing pages

Google optimized landing pages are necessary if you want to create a sustainable sales funnel. I will conceptualize and create landing pages for you, complete with content, graphics, and sales funnels.


100% transparency

The entire process will be right in front of your eyes. Nothing will be hidden. 100% transparency and no hidden pricing or ugly surprises.


Years of rich experience

I have been creating Google ads for corporates, SMEs, and startups and use the accumulated experience over the years to deliver campaigns that are thoroughly researched, audited, implemented, and optimized.

Types of Campaigns

Choose the PPC Campaign that best fits your business

Search ads

With my strong analytical skills and Google Adwords search know-how, I will create Google AdWords campaigns that will show at the right places and fetch you real results.

Remarketing ads

The best way to drive away a potential customer is by annoying them with similar ads over and over. I help you deliver tailored remarketed ads that do the job subtly.

Display ads

As a Google Adwords professional, I know how important it is to get displayed on the right search engine pages. I use strategic ad targeting, along with distribution technology, to make sure your ad banner pops on the right screens at the right time.

Shopping ads

Advertising is more than just displaying ads to the right audience. You want sales and that’s what I am here for. I will create strategically targeted Google shopping ads for your type of audience to give you real sales.

YouTube ads

YouTube ads are extremely important if you want more impressions and more $$$$. I create optimized YouTube ads for you that will be displayed at the right time in the right context.

Here are the numbers you can see for yourself

Understandably, everyone claims to be the best in the field. But you do need to prove it.

My record speaks for itself. Take a look.



I have so far generated more than 10K leads for my clients through strategically created and targeted Google Adwords campaigns.



ROAS - return on ads spent is the ultimate decision-maker. I have generated more than INR 1 Million for my clients through my Google Adwords services- all under the client specified budget.



More than 100 high-ticket clients, corporates, SMEs, and startups have trusted my Google Adwords services. As an Adwords consultant, I have worked with clients from various walks of life across industries.


renewal rate

Only good work can get you re-hired. And I am proud to share that my renewal rate is 99%. My Adwords services have been highly appreciated by my clients.

Here how we work

My process is simple and you will love it

Google Adwords and advertising are a bit tricky and it takes experience and sound knowledge of the platform as well as consumer behavior online to get ahead of competitors. This sometimes creates room for complexity to crawl in. But I have created a very simple 6-steps process, which is easy to implement and follow up.


Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

  • Google Adwords is the soul of your ad campaign. They can make or break your marketing goals. I perform extensive research to identify the best performing keywords using advanced tools.
  • I keep a close tab on the keywords your competitor websites are using to help you stay ahead of all peers.

Landing Page Audit

  • I perform landing page audits to weed out all fluff and to keep it optimized with relevant Google Adwords. You will receive my recommendations on the design, content strategy, on-page SEO, and other marketing elements for your landing page.
  • You can also ask for a landing page designed and developed from scratch. I will happily oblige at a feasible extra cost.

Account Setup & Structuring

  • This is where the implementation starts. I will use everything from ad extensions to negative keywords, to create a stellar ad campaign. It would also include targeting based on keywords, placements, topics, etc.

Conversion Tracking Setup

  • As I said, ultimately the numbers matter. I will keep a track of all ad performances by installing various tracking codes on your website to track daily conversions. This step also involves Google Analytics Integration.

Daily Performance Analysis & Optimization

  • I keep a tab of the daily performance of every ad and analyze it. Depending upon the results I see, I keep implementing various strategies like Bid Management, A/B Testing, Excluding Irrelevant traffic, keyword optimization, and Landing page optimization to ensure top-notch results.


  • You will get extensive monthly/bi-monthly reports with complete Analytics.

Some Google ads created by me

So, what should a successful Google Adwords campaign look like?

Want a sneak-peek into the Google ads world?

Catch a glimpse of some of the top-performing ads created by me.

Here are some of my high-performing Google ads. They got conversions in form of new customer sign-ups, new prospects, new signups, and sales for my clients.

My Google ads services include a detail-oriented personalized plan for all my clients.

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Campaign Setup + Daily Management


How Much Will It Cost?

Get a Tailor-made Package based on your needs.


  1. The mentioned costs do not include the credit for your Ad account. It will be charged separately by Google/Facebook.
  2. This is the basic price. Price may vary depending upon the size of the project, no. of campaigns, amount of effort required. You can arrange a free consultation to know the exact price for your project.
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Google AdWords Services: being on the Right Screen at the Right Time Matters

All your competitors are trying Google advertising. Everyone is dipping their hand in creating Adwords campaigns.

So, how will you stand out?

The only thing that will help you stand out from the crowd is the targeting. With the right targeting and distributing technology, I will ensure that the right people view your ads at the right time. This subtle skill is a huge sales booster. People are more likely to click on your ad and take interest in your brand.

Google AdWords Campaigns that Convert

Make your AdWords matter

There is an ocean of Google Adwords and you need to find the pearl that will yield results. I will take a dip in the ocean and find the AdWords that will lead to conversions. With right Adwords, you can be sure your ad will be visible to the right people.

If you want instant gratification, as well as, long-term success, I am the right Google AdWords consultant you can trust to keep you ahead of the rest.

What Clients speak

Happy clients are the biggest testimony for a freelancer. Here’s what my clients have to say about my Google Adwords services.

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